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Oracle Advertising


Circumstances often build up when you minimum expect it.  Ali Mir represents one of those entrepreneurs who rose from his humble beginning to one of the most influenced person in the UK. This man created huge impact in the marketing business since he started his own company called Oracle Advertising with an intension to cater service to all kind of businesses.

Ali Mir after having completed his studies from Kings School Macclesfield took up the managerial position with one of the major concern in the UK. And soon he was going places, with immense consulting skills at hand; he wanted to have his own creative ideas in place. This resulted in his opening Oracle Advertising that was intended to provide dedicated service to customer in a better way.  Ali Mir initiated many projects during his professional career and would infuse confidence in his team to perform better.

Ali Mir has this ability to think strategically and come up with cost-effective manner solutions.  His efforts are not limited just to cater the consumer, but work together with their clients and give them the kind of solution they really need. Ali Mir is an experienced business champion and would like to experiment with various techniques to keep the success constant. He is thoroughly learned and has studied the various market aspects. Always ready with an exceptional blend of complete planning collectively with carefully and perfect delivery.